Huey Dynamite Issue #001


A Closer Look at the artist 
Beginning September 2021, monthly issues of “Huey Dynamite” will be posted on all of my social media sites! These blog posts are meant to provide in-depth explanations of artworks, updates on upcoming events, and even sneak peaks on works in progress. Plus, I figure this would be a cool way to get to know more about me and how I work! Now that the introduction is done, hope you enjoy the first issue of Huey Dynamite and stick around for what’s next! 

EXPO 2021
Returns for its 43rd annual exhibition at Texas’

The 500X Gallery is one of Texas’ oldest, artist-ran galleries. Every year they host an exhibition that selects amazing artists from all across the state to have their work on display in their space and this year’s exhibition will be juried by Jennifer Monet Cowley, artist and former curator at the African American Museum of Dallas!
“The Work Up,” the first piece in my “Within Our Elements” series, was selected for the exhibition and your boy couldn’t be more honored. The reception will be held on September 25th from 7-10pm. Even if you can’t make the opening reception, the exhibition will last from that day onto October 17th, plenty of time to check out some great visual works by the locals!
Go follow the gallery on their Instagram: @the500x ! 
A New Series:
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I usually create a series of works that correlate with each other rather than one-offs. I’ve always just liked the idea of multiple canvases taking up an entire room, with each piece depicting another perspective  part in one big story. To be able to create a miniature world through a collection of works in a gallery or even someone’s home, that’s the goal I have in mind whenever I begin a new series. Shown above are the entry pieces for my upcoming series: “Just What She Is” (Left) and “King of the City”  (Right).

“Just What She Is” (title derived from Kid Cudi’s Track Just What I Am) will reflect my previously completed series “Within Our Elements” in an effort to depict women with unapologetic swagger and grace. Each piece will be created with the intent promote comfortability in one’s own power and style.
“King of the City” is meant to be an ode to the King of Fighters video game series. Each painting depicts a different fighter battling to be top dog of the town. 
Both series will have two more works added to them and is projected to be completed before 2022!